Yiying Tang

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Zimbabwe Cultural Center of Detroit

The Zimbabwe Cultural Center of Detroit is a place for the collective where architecture is its organizational structure and art is the instigator for funding. We imagine the space to be a strong, vibrant, and inclusive center that is always being operated by the collective group that is engaged in its sustainability. This gives us an opportunity to invite new emerging artists to the table who invigorate and reinvent the center with an aggregate of art objects that are integral to the urban plan.

Second Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Exploded View


The building and the landscape work together to invite the visitors into the site and create spaces that allow the users to further define the program.

Within the cafe on the ground floor, the lighting huts create spaces of aggregation by creating circular soft boundaries.

The community garage is a place for weekly braai and barbecues, workshops, dance parties, etc. It also serves for additional programming as a winter garden in cold seasons.

Design Team: Yiying Tang, Abirami Nachammai Manivannan,David Siepman,
Elyssa Bakker, Jessica Yelk, Madison Rogers