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Vigilance in Fluorescence

Fluorescent Memorial Pyramid

Winner, SSDA Chinese Future Space Conceptual Design Competition

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster was one of the most severe nuclear accident in history, leaving unresolved issues and ongoing impact to all mankind. In 2020, the Japanese government has decided to pour wastewater into the ocean and let the ocean dilute it. Once Japan discharges nuclear waste, it will leave an irreversible negative impact on humans, other creatures, and the planet lasting for generations.

Considering the potential nuclear pollution for the whole planet and people’s careless with the nuclear waste treatment, we propose a fluorescent memorial pyramid for Fukushima Daiichi plant. It not only disposals the radioactive water, preventing the wastewater from being pour into the ocean; but also works as an ecological and environmental warning, reminding people the tremendous hazard of the nuclear pollution with the fluorescence generated from the radioactivity of tritium. The project consists of two kernels; one is radioactive water disposal system: to convert tritium - the main radioactive material remaining in radioactive water into electrical energy beneficial to the development of human society; the other is fluorescent water tower: to take use of radioactivity of tritium to create fluorescence as an alarm to elevate awareness of human towards the double sides of nuclear power.

Globalization Issue: Nuclear Leakage

Radioactive Water Spread with Ocean Current

Purification and Luminescence

Developed by Tokyo Electric Power Company, the purification system can remove most of the highly radioactive substances except tritium. First, strontium and cesium ions are exchanged into less harmful ions. Then, clean
water is recycled to the reactor core and concentrate. Finally, adsorbents adsorb the remaining heavy metals.

As tritium is radioactive, it can excite fluorescent proteins to emit light. The molecules is able to absorb energy from radioactivity of tritium to reach a higher energy state, corresponds to the absorption. Then, the absorbed
energy is able to be released through light radiation, corresponding to the fluorescence.


The core technology is to collect discrete tritium isotopes in wastewater, generate electricity as well as excite fluorescent protein to emit light through controllable nuclear fusion, and recover harmful substances generated
during the treatment process, ultimately realizing the ideal of unlimited production of clean energy.

Process Analysis

Design Team: Yiying Tang, Jie Liu, Shijia Liu, Yucheng Gao