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Workplace Redux

In this coronavirus pandemic period, architectural education is forced to move online. And with the reopening of campus in the upcoming fall semester, the problem we need to consider is: how can we guarantee a special experience in the studio on the promise of keeping healthy?
From Reopening to Reorganization adopts 6 feet social distance and de-density strategies, creating flexible and multipurpose furniture to realize the demands of excellent special academic experience. Our proposal includes 3 different hierarchies: 2 spaces, 3 groups, and 4 elements.


TCAUP - Online System

2-spaces mean our studio has an onsite space and an online space. Our online studio is an integration of a health information system, a reservation system with a calendar, and an academic system.

Workstation Module

The workstation module has a flexible shed to protect students from aerosol. Two different students could make use of the same module at different times by reserving the time slot in advance. It also contains sufficient storage space and a comfortable lighting system.

Information Center / Model Making Table

The information center provides health monitoring data, exhibits students’ academic work, and serves as a desk critique space. Besides, students could book the table online through the reservation system and also use it as desk critique space while in studio time.

Review Space

With slide rail, Review Space could form review space at different scales, and meet requirements of different amounts of people and functions.
3-groups are the certain methods of organizing the furniture. We create two sets of different studio spaces and one review space.

Design Team: Yiying Tang, Yue Lu