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Adaptive Microhome

Shortlisted, Microhome 5 Competition

North America has many food trucks, while Asia has night markets, street food stalls, flea markets, and other mobile businesses that require the ability to switch between private space and public service. This form of individual economy is not only an important part of the urban economy but also enriches the layers of the city. However, this characteristic is rapidly disappearing due to conflicts with urbanization, and a new form that combines modernization is needed.

FLIPBLOCK provides a highly flexible and transformable live and work unit to meet the needs of handicraft producers, thereby alleviating the plight of small handicraft businesses in the contemporary economic system.

Paying attention to tailor shops as a prototype of the individual economy type that is gradually disappearing but still needed in modern life, FLIPBLOCK effectively realizes the conversion of living and working spaces in different time periods through the rotated functional walls. The rooms can be switched between public and private by flipping walls into different functions, thereby serving as an extension for either the working or living area.


Sustainable Strategies

Construction Process

Plans and Sections


Design Team: Yiying Tang, Yue Lu, Shijia Liu